Bespoke consultancy to ensure confidence in knowledge exchange strategy, metrics, and funding.

HE Business and Community Interaction Survey (HE-BCI)

  • Review and advise on data collection, validation and submission (with focus on funding drivers and KEF)
  • Review broader financial data (i.e. HESA Finance Statistics Return (FSR) to ensure completeness (based on HEFCE audit approach)
  • Modelling and benchmarking analysis – information, advice and guidance for internal information systems (metrics, KPIs etc.)
  • Good practice
    • Brief senior management on strategic and operational issues (use in funding, policy and beyond; future direction; sector trends)
    • Seminars/workshops for academics and KE professionals (how to get more out of data and streamline collection mechanisms).

Knowledge exchange funding through HE Innovation Funding (HEIF) and KE Framework (KEF)

  • Expert guidance on the HEIF formula mechanism (metrics and formula detail)
  • Modelling and advice to maximise formulaic allocation
  • Review and advise on planning and internal metrics/indicators
  • Analysis and benchmarking against sector, peers (UK and overseas as available)
  • Analysis and strategic development of KE strategies

Broader KE activity and funding

  • BEIS/RE/UKRI/OfS policy and funding
  • Strategic advice and guidance (critical friend) for competitive funding (Funding Bodies, Research Councils, Charities Europe etc.)
  • Myth-busting and complete history of KE data and funding from 1999 to present (UK, EU and RoW)
  • Assist Governments and funders around the world to enhance partnership between academia and the economy based on detailed experience of all aspects of the UK model

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