Andy Youell has over three decades experience in higher education data, systems and regulation. He offers advice and support on all aspects of data and on the people, processes and systems that surround it.

Andy has extensive consultancy and project experience working with HE providers, systems suppliers and government bodies across the world. This includes experience as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO). He has worked with a range of formal standards including Cyber Essentials Plus and the ISO9001 and ISO27001 management systems. He is a specialist in data quality issues and UK higher education data reporting and he draws on extensive experience working with national bodies that use HE data for funding, regulation, statistics and league tables.

Andy undertakes reviews and development projects covering a range of issues including systems and data management, data quality assurance and external reporting (including the HESA Data Futures programme). He has a record of building teams and organisational capabilities, developing new services, managing suppliers and leading transformative change.

Andy is at the forefront of thinking about the challenges and opportunities that data technology brings; he is a regular speaker and writer on how data is changing the world and on the capabilities that organisations need to develop to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century. He is also a regular contributor to HE policy publications, podcasts and events.

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