Andy Youell is a further and higher education data specialist.

Formerly the Director of Data Policy and Governance at HESA, Andy has spent over three decades working in all aspects of the data and systems life-cycle. He is a specialist in data quality assurance and in the specification and management of data assets.

Andy has extensive knowledge of the UK further and higher education data landscape, both at a sector level and from the perspective of individual providers.

He undertakes reviews and development projects covering a range of data issues including data management, data quality assurance and external reporting (including the HESA Data Futures programme). He can also draw on three decades of experience working with national bodies that use data for funding, regulation, statistics and league tables.

Andy is at the forefront of thinking about the challenges that complex data and algorithms raise for governance and oversight.

Andy offers on-site training workshops (including the highly-regarded Data Quality Essentials) and has supported organisations in the recruitment and development of data professionals. He works with large, diverse teams and in a coaching and mentoring role with individuals.

Andy is an experienced speaker on data and information issues and has spoken at conferences and events throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He is experienced in delivering webinars and working through interpreters to non-English speaking audiences.

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