David, an adept strategy, data, and policy analyst with a wealth of experience in the Higher Education sector, boasts a compelling history of instigating transformative change and delivering high-impact solutions. His approach lies in shaping institutional futures through strategic formulation, data analytics, and governance leadership.

With 18 years in the sector, David has been a key player in numerous universities, specialising in strategic planning and analytics. Noteworthy projects in his portfolio include:

  • Enhancing resource allocation and planning round activities
  • Crafting overviews of regulatory policy and metrics
  • Spearheading Athena Swan Faculty accreditation
  • A critical advisor for academic school restructuring
  • Conducting tuition fee reviews
  • Conducting market analysis on subject demand and entry requirements
  • Initiating application dashboard projects
  • Planning and risk identification for the Data Futures project

David seamlessly collaborates with senior leadership, fostering efficient communication and alignment between strategic goals and operational execution. His skill in facilitating sessions at senior team and professional service away days, coupled with articulate presentations to Executive and Governing Boards, attests to his ability to translate insight into tangible strategy.

Legal status Limited company

VAT registered Yes

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/david-marks-554b454b/

Email david_jmarks@yahoo.co.uk

Phone 07725896146