CooperGibson Research (CGR) is a research and development consultancy working within education, skills, training, employment, social care, and public service improvement. We aim to support development of education and public service policy and practice and are passionate about improving educational experiences and well-being of children, young people, and adults.

Our team members each have 15-20 or more, years of experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and of research design and management. We aim to provide insightful and actionable intelligence and evidence to help clients understand, make decisions and plan ahead. We have experience in conducting research with a wide variety of audiences, from hard to reach groups to all workforce levels, senior managers, and CEOs.

CGR works with private, public and third sector organisations ranging from individual organisations to national bodies to support their research, engagement and consultation needs. This includes schools, colleges and universities, employers, local authorities, membership organisations, government departments, think tanks and charities.

Our approach to each project is tailored to the questions that clients are trying to answer or problems they are trying to solve. Our services include:

  • Evaluation and impact assessment
  • Policy and strategic analysis
  • Learner and service user feedback
  • Staff feedback and customer insight
  • Identifying what works and best practice
  • Feasibility and exploration of new ideas
  • Cost-effectiveness and value for money

We design approaches using quantitative and qualitative methods – including quantitative analysis of administrative and national datasets, literature reviews and documentary analysis, surveys and opinion polls, depth interviews, focus groups, observation, online forums, cognitive interviews, case studies, action/practitioner research, consultations, and dissemination of findings to a variety of audiences. 

Our processes ensure that we provide a quality service and adhere to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, GDPR, Data Protection regulations and Ethical Guidelines (British Educational Research Association, British Sociological Association).  

We are versatile and regularly deliver projects throughout the UK.

Legal status Limited company

VAT registered Yes




Phone 07815 289660

Twitter @CoopergibsonRes