Student Recruitment and Outreach teams across the University sector have embraced data science in what is a fiercely competitive student recruitment market. Every HE institution spends considerable time and resource annually visiting feeder schools and colleges across the UK or attending events, in order to deliver their message to potential students. This is a very important part of the recruitment process.

With over 8,700 UK secondary schools in the UK, and over 3,600 of them providing student applications to UCAS, prioritising which schools or colleges to engage with is crucial in maximising your return on investment.

As the leading software as a service platform in Higher Education for schools analysis and targeting, we provide our institutions with an easy to use interface to capture in-depth school and college insights. This means you can focus on feeders where there is a much greater chance of increasing your recruitment success.

Using a combination of Government data and selected UCAS Exact reports, you can quickly identify feeders that match your criteria, even by Subject area. Many of our clients have seen significant increases to the numbers of accepts from schools and colleges they have interacted with.

As Elliot Newstead from University of Leicester recently wrote, “One thing that always surprises me with Datafiltr is the speed in which you can get what seem like quite complex problems or queries resolved… we were successfully able to embed school segmentation into our work resulting in a 2% rise in applications from target schools at a time when the demographic dip is at its lowest.”

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