Evan Dickerson is a consultant with over 26 years’ experience in the Higher and Further Education sector, alongside engagements with the Sixth Form sector and the NHS. He specialises in Digital Education, having worked for or been consulted by over 60 institutions in the UK and internationally..

Having held Head of Digital Education Service roles with Russell Group, discipline specific and alternative higher education providers, Evan has a wealth of experience to call upon.

As multi-skilled leader of award-winning teams he has “a brilliantly practical approach” (Barra Fitzgibbon, Channel 4), in working with senior management, academics and students to shape and write institutional Digital Education strategies, build communities of practice, provide aligned service delivery, scope training requirements, educational development and innovations that positively enhance the learning experience.

Areas of specialisation: technology enhanced learning strategy, practice and pedagogy; Higher Education policy; innovation and leadership in Higher Education; building communities of practice; conference presentations; peer review of research; mentoring towards professional accreditation.

Legal status Sole trader

VAT registered No

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Email evandickerson@aim.com