HELF has been established to provide support to help higher education providers address current challenges and opportunities in preparing for their successful futures. It draws on recent research and developments in higher education, but also recognises the increasing diversity and flexibility of the sector, in the UK nations and beyond. Managing and enhancing quality in higher education are central features of HELF’s work. Here are some examples of topics that HELF can offer expertise on:

i) Flexible learning pathways to meet the needs of diverse students.
ii) The role of internal quality assurance processes, compliance with external quality assessment requirements, and development of quality enhancement culture.
iii) The implementation of blended learning (online and offline).
iv) Lifelong learning: balancing national policies with learners’ needs.
v) Microcredentials, and short courses generally.

But other important topics include: Higher Education and Further Education linkages; International Students; Graduate Employment and work-based learning; Community Impacts; Social equity; and Changing Academic and Professional roles within institutions.

HELF can conduct a critical review of an institution’s current work in any of the above, which could also provide an agenda for a joint project with the institution to enhance the quality of its work in particular areas.

The current HELF team has considerable experience of UK higher education, working with different institutions and different national bodies in different roles. The team leader is Professor John Brennan who has been researching higher education, nationally and globally, throughout his career.

Legal status Limited company

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Email john.brennan45@gmail.com

Further information A more detailed HELF document is available from Prof Brennan on the email address above