Maggie Smart is a data analysis and statistics professional with over thirty years of experience creating analysis that supports decision making.

She has worked with higher education data for over a decade, as a senior analytical leader first at UCAS and then at the Office for Students. This means that she has a deep understanding of the ways in which data analysis supports student recruitment, understanding equality of opportunity and for OfS regulation in England.

As maggie smart data she provides tailored support for data analysis and statistics, combining the following skills:

  • Curiosity about your data,
  • Application of the most appropriate statistical analysis,
  • Interpretation of the analysis to support decision-making.

Maggie recognises that data analysis is more than creating data from data, it is about putting that data in context, it is about using statistical thinking to assess whether it reflects something material, and most importantly it is about thinking about how the analysis can be used.

Legal status Sole trader

VAT registered No