Martial Learning finds opportunities for partners in Higher Education to collaborate.  We work in three key areas: TNE, public-private partnerships, and investment.

Transnational Education

Finding international partners who are aligned to your strategy and values can be tough. It’s time-consuming and many conversations will lead nowhere.  Martial Learning invests that time for you, so you spend your time developing relationships that are worth your while.

Public-Private Partnerships

Private institutions such as alternative providers and pathway companies can reach parts of the market that publicly funded providers struggle to serve, yet they often do not have the programmes or brand to maximise their impact.  Martial Learning identifies opportunities for collaboration and navigates the routes to successful partnership by aligning educational and commercial drivers.


Whether a private equity firm is seeking opportunities for investment or a commercial education project needs a financial backer, Martial Learning brings a global network of contacts to bear. Martial Learning’s work is led by Richard Hewitt. Richard brings his experience and networks from transnational education and brokering public-private partnerships. He has worked with Higher Education institutions across China, South East Asia, Australia, Central Africa, the EU, and the US, as well as domestically in the UK.

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