Professor Stringer has been active in Higher Education for almost thirty years. For the last ten years he has been part of the senior management at the University of Birmingham (PVC Head of College of Arts and Law and DPVC with responsibility for people and planning) and at Swansea University (PVC Education).

Martin can offer advice, support, discussion, or investigation in any of the following areas. He is open to further discussion around any particular needs and concerns.

Governance: Rebuilding morale; Re-structuring; Discipline and Grievance; The application of ‘kindness’ as a model for management.

Student Engagement and Learning: Student Voice; Innovation in learning, teaching and assessment; Enabling creativity; Co-creation of learning with students and employees.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: EDI Strategies; Engagement and conversations around specific characteristics; LGBTQ engagement; The role of religion in the university.

Community Engagement: The university and its neighbours; Working with unrepresented communities; Developing local researchers; Civic mission strategies.

Legal status Sole trader

VAT registered Yes