I have been working in senior roles in Higher Education for 20 years.

Prior to that, I worked in global marketing functions in the hi-tech sector. My experience includes public and private organisations, with a focus on global partnership development within a wider income-generating model. I also utilise an integrated approach for marketing, student recruitment and admissions.

At the core of my professional DNA is the power to create an ethos of collaboration. I thrive on developing partnerships and long-term collaborations between internal and external stakeholders. I believe in the model of fostering relationships between academic and professional services colleagues in institutions as a partnership of equals, working in unison to achieve institutional goals.

My multi-disciplinary skillset of leading professional services across the key stages of the student journey gives me a comprehensive view on how different functions work together to achieve commercial and reputational success for the organisation. I have worked in both large, multi-disciplinary organisations, as well as smaller and more specialist institutions, all with an underlying theme of amplified global impact.


  • Partnership Development
    • Partnership toolkits
    • Audit of partnership activity
    • Strategy development
    • Scoping
    • Due diligence
    • Business modelling
    • Stakeholder identification
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Risk modelling
    • Stewardship and stakeholder engagement
  • Internal and external relations strategies
  • Action plans and roadmaps Integration of partnership functions into wider corporate strategies
  • Student recruitment and admissions strategies
  • Global student recruitment marketing strategies
  • Product development of Higher Education programmes for national and international markets
  • Change management and coaching of teams, with specialisation in globally diverse teams.
  • Mediation, diplomacy and negotiation – I am an accredited mediator and utilise this skillset in my work activity as part of managing change and ensuring optimal interaction in collaboration.

Legal status Limited company

VAT registered No

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/michael-lurie-0271191/

Email lurie_michael@hotmail.com

Phone 07886 598 669