An experienced and knowledgeable leader within Further Education and Training Provider Sector in relation to technical operational management and policy from inception to real world implementation.  

Familiar in all areas of data quality including data pre-inspection, inspection, harmonisation, trend analysis, user interface solutions and presentation/interpretation of key performance indicators to inform an effective decision making process.

Foundation spent understanding the principles of data for FE, audit requirements and systems implementation. Has ability to quickly assess, audit and understand processes then map them effectively to administrative needs whilst ensuring value for money and the balancing of improvements.

Effective in communicating to a variety of audiences his passion for getting data right first time, using a core databases as the primary source of information management.  Do it once, do it right approach.

Thorough understanding of educational administrative systems and funding rules from an audit compliance and user operability perspective. Forthright in representing the work-based learning community to ensure their voice is heard, sitting on the Technical User Group at the ESFA for data management within education.

Experience of several FE and WBL systems since the 1990s including the benefits and constraints of each including: PICS, Yeti, Spirals, Goldmine, Pro-Achieve, Strata, Bud, to name but a few.  Sound knowledge of most awarding body and EPAO systems as well.

Grateful to have been involved in some key national projects and represent the work-based learning community regarding data quality and prevalent issues including Funding Monitoring, PDSAT, Learner Records Service, Data Quality Reporting and the payment reconciliation process for apprenticeships.

Rates negotiable but maximum costs will be £100 per hour for strategic meetings and £400 per day. Get in touch for an initial discussion on your requirements.

Legal status Sole trader

VAT registered No