R3S Global is a management consultancy supporting HE clients in the areas of risk management, readiness and resilience. We support Boards and Senior Leadership Teams in delivering bespoke solutions to complex challenges.  

Resilience to shocks is of increasing importance.  We offer unique expertise in the strategic handling of crises and use our practical experience from a wide range of disruptive events, combined with an in-depth knowledge of managing such events in the HE sector, to support analysis of challenges and solutions. Our broader experience includes involvement in the Government’s COBR decision-making machinery and global sporting events (2012 Olympic & Paralympics, 2014 Tour de France and 2017 World Athletics Championships). 

Our resilience services include:

  • Mentoring of senior leaders
  • Team-building and training in crisis response, to build capacity, confidence and resilience
  • Board-level insight review/audit, in the context of institutional risk management
  • Facilitation to derive the right learning from Crisis events
  • A full range of readiness testing and exercise options to confirm the ability to deliver an integrated response
  • A full refresh of Crisis response plans and procedures
  • Crisis communication and media training to give genuine confidence in this crucial area.
  • An on-call resource for advice and guidance.

We also offer security services addressing the safety of people, estates and information, recognising the difficulty of balancing the perceived levels of security required against the practicalities of the working environment.  Our services covering physical, personnel and cyber security include: immersive security audits/reviews; strategic risk assessments; development of security strategies; and practical recommendations for operational improvements.

Legal status Limited company

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