Ranmore specialise in all aspects of leadership and organisational development in higher and further education. Formed over 20 years ago they have continued to build on early work designing and directing the UK Top Management Programme (TMP). This has extended into a range of activities including;

  • Senior leadership team development;
  • Design and facilitation of leadership team events;
  • Senior leader executive coaching – particularly transition coaching for new Vice -chancellor’s and Principal’s as well as for other senior leadership team roles;
  • Delivery of tailored leadership development programmes – for Heads of Department, Deans and professional service leaders;
  • Developmentally focused strategic review work with individual Schools/Faculties facing significant change challenges;
  • Access to global markets and insights through tailored Global Engagement events;
  • Strategy reviews to help shape new strategic plans;
  • Access to diagnostic frameworks to increase personal, team and organisational insights

The lead coordinating Director for work in tertiary education is Dr Tom Kennie. Working with Professor Robin Middlehurst they will be publishing ‘Leadership Transitions at the Top in Universities’ in late 2020-early 2021 (Routledge). Ranmore also have a highly experienced team of Associates all with extensive knowledge of tertiary education. They routinely deliver events and work remotely using a range of technology platforms.

Legal status Limited company

VAT registered Yes

Website www.ranmore.co.uk

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/tomkennie/

Email tkennie@ranmore.co.uk

Phone +44 1483 283040

Additional information The Innovation Lab for Higher Education: www.i-lab-he.org