Reimagine Redefine is a knowledge and research consultancy and our key value is to promote truly inclusive research. For us, this means that we want minoritised and marginalised people to not just be observers and subjects of research but also full participants in the creation of knowledge and research.

The company was founded in 2023 by two co-directors- Dr Ruby Zelzer and Dr Furaha Asani- to combine our 15 years of practice across researching on and communicating about best practice in research and higher education in the UK. We had worked on joint projects previously and the obvious synergies between our work led us to form this company. We are the two lead scientists for projects we undertake, allowing us to oversee and monitor our work closely. Each of us has a strong portfolio that spans research, teaching, presenting, facilitation, and project management with accompanying public output across various multimedia platforms.

Our policy as a small company made up of two migrant Black women is to only work with organisations who engage in ethical knowledge sharing and who truly want to improve their practices. We are also committed to working with those whose work is underpinned by ethical approaches, a commitment to compensate and credit knowledge-producers, and who provide us with tangible assurances of long-term dedication towards equitable actions.

Legal status Private Limited Company

VAT registered No