Simon Perks hates writing about himself but very much likes providing strategic advice and specialist consultancy support to organisations across the higher and further education sectors.

Simon is the founder and director of Sockmonkey Consulting, which helps its clients to make better decisions, to improve their performance and to achieve better value for money.

Simon is a skilled and experienced consultant, a chartered public finance accountant, and a qualified executive coach and leadership mentor. So he speaks numbers and people.

He is also married to a research scientist, so knows how to negotiate the tricky ground between senior managers, professional services teams and academic staff.

Simon can help you with things like:

  • developing high-impact organisational strategies;
  • understanding the costs associated with different models of teaching provision;
  • developing, implementing and monitoring the use of workload models;
  • implementing the requirements of the Transparent Approach to Costing; and
  • other things that involve people, money or both.

Simon works with a broad range of individual institutions, as well as with regulators, sector bodies, mission groups and professional organisations. He has written various publications focused on issues facing the sector and is a regular speaker at sector events.

Simon is fully operational for remote working, but looks forward to being able to get out into the real world again soon.

Legal status Limited Company

VAT registered Yes




Phone +44 (0) 7903 523 839