Stu3 provide Higher Education Institutions a high-quality consultancy service for student record keeping – with a focus on the SITS:Vision software from Tribal.

Their team specialises in all areas of the student lifecycle underpinned by the student record system, from initial enquiry through to graduation, with experience gained from working on projects with over 60 HE institutions.

Whether you are looking to deliver added functionality or planning a new implementation project, they can help you plan, develop, test, and deliver your solution into your production environment.

Stu3 bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and customise their services to your individual needs.

Their consultants are experts in the SITS configuration tool set: Tasking, Vistas, RQH, and SRL syntax and also in integrations, SITS environment management.

Legal status Limited Company

VAT registered Yes




Phone 020 3305 8443