I have been working in higher education since 2007, specialising in small, niche performing arts institutions and supporting them to navigate the HE landscape and Quality Assurance without compromising their unique approaches. Whatever changes you are hoping to make or goals you are trying to achieve, I can provide you with sound advice and guidance every step of the way as well as providing support with writing documents, policies, modules, courses and facilitating faculty to develop skills in the areas of curriculum and assessment design. I can offer support and guidance for new to market providers seeking degree validation and accreditation and building partnerships with validating universities. I have also worked internationally, bringing insight from the well-respected British Higher Education system to global institutions. I will collaborate with you to help you achieve your aims for your institution, whatever they are. I will support you to navigate the HE landscape without losing what makes your institution unique, special and successful in training for industry. I have experience in learning and teaching across the performing arts (theatre, dance and circus) and so I understand that this vocational training at the site of the body can sometimes apparently conflict with the demands of HE, the Office for Students and the regulatory landscape. But it is all about language! I can help you to translate what you do to meet requirements without losing the integrity of the work. 

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