The IC Global Partnership is a training, development and consultancy company focused on the advancement of professionals, institutions and educational organisations in internationalisation and global engagement. The IC Global offers lifelong and transformative learning for individuals and organisations through training, consultancy, coaching, mentoring, events and bespoke services.  The IC Global is a values-led organisation. Its core values of sustainability, collaboration, innovation, global learning and inclusivity underpin everything the company does. 

The IC Global has a network of Global Fellows who are sector-leading experts with a breadth of specialist knowledge and vast experience in internationalisation and global engagement. They have held senior positions in the higher education sector and played influential roles in sector-specific advisory and professional bodies within the sector. They provide consultancy, advice and project management for organisations, governments, representatives, institutions and individuals globally. All IC Global Fellows have a strong reputation and extensive international networks. 

The IC Global specialises in all topics of internationalisation and global engagement including: strategic planning, market intelligence, international student recruitment, international marketing, international communications, partnership development, agent and staff management, transnational education (TNE), leadership coaching, resource planning, international alumni engagement, sustainability, equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) and mental health and wellbeing.

Legal status Limited company

VAT registered Yes




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