The Knowledge Partnership, founded in 2004, supports universities in the UK and globally with strategic marketing and reputation management projects, market research and data analysis. Based in the UK, in Cambridge and Leeds, we have an international outlook, working with universities and agencies across the world. We combine the skills and experience of our strategic consultants, including former directors of university communications and marketing, with analysis delivered by our specialist market research team.

Universities need to offer the right programmes at the right price. Our methodologies have been tested and refined, and use market data to improve the efficiency of existing portfolios and test the market opportunities for new programmes.

Our primary research answers specific questions, on topics as diverse as launching a new campus or testing the student journey. Our Undergraduate, PGT and Distance Learning Tuition Fee databases help institutions make competitive pricing decisions.

Reputation is also fundamental to university success. Our qualitative reputation audits and reputation trackers help universities articulate, benchmark and amplify their brand positions across all relevant stakeholder groups. Our World 100 Network also provides unique research and insights for reputation leaders at the world’s top ranked universities. The Knowledge Partnership – reputation, insights, strategy

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