Dr Thomas Loya brings together 16 years’ in strategic planning and business analytics functions in Higher Ed with 10 years’ commercial experience with a global leader of data-driven business services. Both reflect a passion for tapping the power of data and analysis to inform great strategy and decision support at all levels, and the importance of a strong understanding of technologies and how to exploit them to raise organisation performance.
After 11 years as Director of Strategy, Planning and Performance at the University of Nottingham and with a track record of technical and process innovation and energetic collaboration with others in the sector both nationally and internationally, in 2018 Tom began an independent consulting service, focusing on business analytics capability development, organisation strategy, enhancing decision support, and performance improvement analysis and advice for league tables and the NSS.

He works with university and sector agency leaders who are drivers of cultural change and improving performance, to identify the root causes of performance gaps and opportunities for improving outcomes and position, and enabling effective, empowered management.

Recent projects include leading a university’s accelerated data analytics capability uplift, from situation assessment through procurement, implementation, re-tooling, training and rollout of an impactful BI delivery in less than 9 months – which he’s done for several universities – and supporting other universities in achieving a more deeply data-driven understanding of student experience and NSS performance in order to enhance both. He also works with sector bodies in analytics service enhancement.

His academic background as a sociologist of structure, culture and change in large organisations continues to influence his approach.

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